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15-year-old Brit leaves school to become a full-time Fortnite professional

15-year-old Brit leaves school to become a full-time Fortnite professional

Although Benjy Fish is only 15 years old, but already a professional Fortnite player. His mother has now taken him from school so he has more time for e-sports.

In the world of Fortnite appear again and again bizarre stories, such as when Epic 2018 sued a 14-year-old, because he had cheated. News is circulating about a teenager whose life is being turned into a whole new path by the Battle Royale shooter.

15-year-old Brit Benjy Fish has left school to focus on his Fortnite career. This was obviously not only his own idea, but also that of his mother, who incidentally also works as a manager of the boy.

According to the British Dailymail, she would have willingly arranged a private teacher for him to continue teaching at home, while spending much more time on e-sports training. In any case, he would have been rather unfocused at school anyway, because Fortnite tournaments would often last until late at night.

Who is Benjy Fish? The young Benjy from the English county Middlesex is admittedly not some 15-year-old. Under his stage name “benjyfishy” he runs a YouTube channel with 165,000 subscribers, on Instagram he also has 122,000 followers and he has also been very successful at Fortnite tournaments. In the following Instagram post he is with his duo partner “Mr Savage” (right in the picture and yes, this is actually the stage name of the young Norwegian Martin Andersen) to see.


15-year-old could become a millionaire with Fortnite

At the Fortnite World Cup, he plays for a million in prize money: Benjy has joined the e-sports team “NRG eSports” both for the solos and for the duos in the current Fortnite World Cup. For the qualification for the World Cup alone, he receives a guaranteed $ 50,000 and in the final, it comes to an incredible $ 30 million. Previously, he has already earned 25,000 pounds in other competitions.

Since he was 7 years old, he plays Call of Duty. That’s what he tells the British Mirror. Since he was 13 years old, he would have dreamed of a career as an e-athlete and in 2018 he finally switched to Fortnite and got on the wave of success.

Fortnite is especially popular among teenagers. According to a German study for youth, information and media (JIM) from the year 2018, the free Battle Royale shooter will primarily be played by teenagers, but 18-year-olds are much less interested in the game.

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