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Akira-Realverfilmung of Thor-3 director Taika Waititi comes in 2021 in the cinemas

Akira-Realverfilmung of Thor-3 director Taika Waititi comes in 2021 in the cinemas

Warner has been developing for years an Akira movie after the manga and anime classic. Director Taika Waititi is to bring the film in 2021 in the cinemas.

Warner Bros. Pictures has been holding film rights to the popular manga Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo for over ten years, and for at least as many years there have been rumors of a real-life adaptation of the sci-fi story. And now it’s finally time!

A suitable director has already been found with Taika Waititi. But before the rights fall back, it should finally start now. And so now a US theatrical release was scheduled for 21 May 2021.

Director Taika Waititi films manga

Busy Taika Waititi revealed in an interview last year that as a big fan of the original, he does not want to do a remake of the 1980s anime movie. Rather, he would like to stick strictly to the manga template. In addition, the director plans to cast the lead roles with Asian, little-known youth.


Before production can start, Taika Waititi brings his new film, the satirical war drama Jojo Rabbit with Scarlett Johansson and himself as Adolf Hitler, in the cinemas in the fall. At the same time he is currently working on the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and shoot at least one episode.

Akira as manga, anime and video game

At the heart of Akira’s story is a young motorcycle gang involved in top-level political intrigues. Several groups are fighting for the mysterious Akira, who is sleeping in an underground research lab and whose awakening is meant to bring about the end of the world.

In 1988, Katsuhiro Otomo filmed his manga as an anime film for the cinema, which was also shown in German cinemas and triggered a veritable anime and manga boom in the 1990s. Meanwhile, several video games have been released to the manga and anime of Nintendo and Bandai, such as Akira Psycho Ball.

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