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Developer steals Battlefield in 1942, releasing it as Tank Battlegrounds

Developer steals Battlefield in 1942, releasing it as Tank Battlegrounds

A Chinese developer grabs Battlefield in 1942 and republishes it under its own flag. But he does not give much effort.

Hach, Steam. For years, Valve has sought to establish new entry barriers to complicate life for potential scammers and so-called asset-flips (where 3D models are recycled to build a “new” game with minimal effort).

But games like Tank Battlegrounds are still popping up. The Chinese first-person shooter, due out in June, wants to send multiplayer fans into huge world war battles – and basically steals everything from Battlefield 1942.

New name, old game

The find was made by Reddit-User Adamiiii. And we do not want to withhold it from you, because Tank Battlegrounds is such a bold plagiarism that you almost have to smile about it: The trailer on the official Steam page, for example, simply corresponds to the Reveal trailer of Battlefield 1942, just cut the logo out.


“To win, you have to pay attention to teamwork in Battlefield 1942. In one bomber, for example, one player takes care of flying, two others manage the gun and provide escort, and the cooperation of these three players enables us to maintain our air superiority.”

The Chinese developer Free Partner has not developed any other game apart from Tank Battlegrounds (and, strictly speaking, they probably did not develop Tank Battlegrounds either). The screenshots on Steam, according to the US magazine PC Gamer apparently at least even shot in the game.

Anyway, we’re a bit curious what you’ll eventually get after you release Tank Battlegrounds. A mod for Battlefield 1942? Or just the old game? If so, again the question arises as to why such games enter the free sale through the Valve lock.

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