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Players discover Loot Cave in The Division 2

Players discover Loot Cave in The Division 2

In The Division 2, there’s a trick that will get you lots of loot and experience in no time. It is still unclear whether the developers fix the exploit.

There was a time in Destiny when players did not explore the exotic world of games, but stood in front of a cave for hours. Because out of this cave, an infinite number of enemies appeared, which in turn dropped an infinite amount of loot.

This loot cave was the perfect place to farm fast before the developers took them out of the game. Now there is such a loot cave in The Division 2, where you have to understand cave in the figurative sense. In fact, the loot spot is in a bank.

Where can I find the Loot Cave?

Start the Mission Bank headquarters, preferably on a higher level, as this increases the drop chance. In one part of the mission (regular, not invaded) you have to defend a laptop. In the meantime, enemies will spawn for two minutes.


But you better not stay next to the laptop, but in front of the spawn point. This works best if you play in a group and already have some agents in front of it. Otherwise, the opponents are distributed in the room.

In order for you to repeat this process, you have to switch off at the end of one of the opponents. So you spawn again in front of the laptop. In the video of InigoMontoyaTV you can see how to make the most of the Loot Cave. The trick is not only suitable for loot, but also to quickly level up.

Developer Massive Entertainment has not yet commented on the Loot Cave. They may fix the exploit if it becomes too popular, but they may also keep it in the game to satisfy the players. In The Division 1there was a similar situation when the developer closed the Loot Cave.

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